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ALINE InsolesBerton Physiotherapy is pleased to offer ALINE Insoles in Windsor, Ontario at our clinic.

ALINE insoles are designed using a patented “suspension system” that allows the many bones and muscles of the foot to move naturally and providing excellent tranverse arch support. Aline’s bilateral foot alignment suspension technology (BFAST) provides a patented system of suspension zones, contour zones, and flexible ribs. Overall this reduces impact, improves balance, boosts power, improves foot to ankle pronation and/or supination, and optimizes lower leg alignment. The result is better control for less wear and tear on the body.

Popular among professional and amateur athletes, Aline Insloes are the perfect alternative to custom orthotics for both sports and everyday life.

Dr. Roger Berton is an ALINE Certified Expert (ACE) and is available to perform a custom fit analysis to ensure correct ALINE insole sizing and leveling.

ALINE Insoles Windsor Ontario: Available at Berton Physiotherapy

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