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Lana Berton Physiotherapist Windsor OntarioWomen and men can take advantage of pelvic health physiotherapy in Windsor, Ontario at Berton Physiotherapy and Chiropractic Clinic. Lana Berton, Physiotherapist, has specialized training in pelvic floor rehabilitation.

Specialized physiotherapy is indicated as the first line of defence for a wide range of pelvic floor dysfunctions. The research presented by the Cochrane Collaboration (2010) concluded that specialized training in pelvic floor rehabilitation, which specifically uses internal examination and treatment, should be considered prior to surgical consultation for symptoms of unusual urgency and mixed incontinence.

The pelvic floor is made up of three layers of muscles that form a sling that attach the coccyx (tailbone) to the front and sides of the pelvis. These muscles wrap around the urethra, rectum and vagina. These muscles must be able to contract to maintain continence and relax to allow for urination, bowel movements and sexual intercourse (women). Just like any other muscle in the body, they can become too tight or even weakened causing pain and/or dysfunction. Areas of tension in the pelvic floor muscles can refer pain into the abdomen, groin, perineum, scrotum, penis, buttocks and thighs. Pelvic pain can be affected by lifestyle factors such as stress and anxiety as well.

Pelvic health physiotherapy can be provided for the following conditions/symptoms:

Stress urinary incontinence (urine leakage with coughing or sneezing)
Urge incontinence
Pelvic organ prolapse (bladder, uterus, rectum)
Dyspareunia (painful intercourse)
Pudendal neuralgia/entrapment
Interstitial cystitis/Painful bladder syndrome
Vaginismus (unable to tolerate penetration)
Pelvic girdle pain
Diastasis Rectus Abdominis (separation of the abdominal due to pregnancy)
Pre-natal preparation for delivery
Post natal check up
Fecal incontinence/constipation
Erectile dysfunction
Penis/Scrotum/perineum pain
Pre-op and post-op prostate surgery
Persistent Pelvic pain
Coccygeal pain (Tailbone pain)
Menstrual Pain
Other pelvic disorders

What to expect during your first visit

Pelvic assessments are completed in a private room in a comfortable atmosphere. Your initial evaluation will involve an interview to discuss your concerns/question/issues/goals and education regarding the function of the pelvic floor. The physical examination may differ depending on the client’s needs but generally involves an internal vaginal and rectal exam. The muscles of the pelvic floor will be assessed for pain, tone, strength and endurance. A treatment plan is then provided that is tailored to your specific needs as well as instructional/educational handouts or audios. Treatments may include internal manual therapy for the pelvic floor, joint and soft tissue mobilizations, stretches, strengthening exercises, biofeedback and electrical muscle stimulation.

Lana Berton has received extensive pelvic floor physiotherapy education with Pelvic Health Solutions and is listed as a qualified provider for both women and men at Her education includes:

Male and Female Incontinence
Male and Female Pelvic Pain
Clinical Skills for Treating Pain
Pregnancy and the Pelvic Floor
Pelvic Girdle Pain and the Pelvic Floor
Gastrointestinal disorders/Anorectal Dysfunction and the Pelvic Floor
Fascial Connection to Restore Movement
Pelvic Neurodynamics
The Female Athlete: Bulletproof your Core and Pelvic Floor
Mentoring with Carolyn Vandyken
Improving pelvic floor function through spinal manual therapy
Pediatric pelvic floor rehabilitation
Diaphragm/Pelvic Floor Piston for adult populations
Mobilization of visceral fascia for the treatment of pelvic dysfunction level 1: The urinary system

If you wonder if you are a candidate for pelvic health physiotherapy please call and speak personally with Lana Berton.

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