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Spinal Decompression System by EurotechBerton Physiotherapy and Chiropractic is pleased to offer Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression in Windsor, Ontario at our new state of the art clinic located on Howard Avenue. We are one of only a few Windsor based clinics to utilize the Eurotech DOC Decompression system. The DOC System is an advanced computerized system that provides a non-invasive method to treat persistent back and neck conditions. This includes pinched nerves, muscle tension, cervical and lumbar pain, herniated discs, bulging discs, and other related problems.

Patients are fully assessed to determine if non-surgical spinal decompression treatment is right for them. In fact, it is often used along with other treatment modalities offered at our clinic to patients that have experienced extended periods of symptoms.

Quite often back and neck pain results from bulging or herniated spinal discs. Spinal discs are gel-like cushions found between the bones of the spine called vertebrae. The vertebrae are what protect the spinal cord. Herniated or bulged discs often result in inflammation, pain, and pressure on nerves. In addition, the inflammation and herniation results in inadequate spinal fluid, blood, oxygen and nutrients being supplied to the spine.

Unlike traditional traction, which stretches the entire spine often resulting in unwanted contractions, spinal decompression using the Eurotech’s DOC system gently targets only specific areas of the spine where herniation exists. In addition, the computerized system monitors and applies just enough pressure to stretch targeted areas of the spine without causing contraction of the muscles. Ultimately enough negative pressure is created to return spinal discs, fluids, oxygen, and nutrients to their proper position between the vertebrae. Following several treatments sessions inflammation and pain is reduced to facilitate healing of the area.

Spinal Decompression Windsor Ontario: Available at Berton Physiotherapy and Chiropractic

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